Sean Edwards (Survivor USA) Bio, Wiki, Age & Net Worth

Sean Edwards a contestant in Survivor 45 works as a school principal. From being a long-time fan to being a contestant on the show Sean Edwards going to compete in Survivor 45.

Sean is from a conservative family and had a strict upbringing in which a few years back he discovered that he was gay. He gains confidence and reveals the truth of being gay so he is gay principle married to his husband Matt and living a fearless life now.

Who is Sean Edwards on Survivor 45?

Sean is 35 years old living in Provo-Orem, Utah and works as a school principal. Sean is ambitious and believes in making new connections. He is appearing in Survivor 45 and ready to claim the grand prize of $1 million.

Sean Edwards :What is he known for?

Sean is known for his ability to make connections as he can make people comfortable around him. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. In previous years he has become confident about his sexuality as gay.

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What are some of his most notable accomplishments?

One of their most notable accomplishments Sean is becoming strong and confident about being gay in the conservative stereotype society and another can be him being happily married to his husband Matt who is his family and supports Sean in everything.

He has been proud of many things which also include being the first gay school principal in his district getting his doctorate and publishing his work in various academic journals. 

Sean Edwards Biography

Sean Edwards from Lawrence, New Jersey currently living in Provo-Orem, Utah. he is a school principal appearing in the reality show Survivor 45. Sean loves to watch Survivor and spend time with his family and friends.

Sean is a connection seeker and has the ability to make connections easily. Sean has overcome his fears which is the greatest success of his life.

Early life and education

Sean Edwards born in 1987 is 25 years old. He has an older sister  Elaine who is mute. He comes from a Mormon community and a conservative religious background. In the starting Sean was under confident and had a lot to discover.

He also went to conversion therapy when he was a minor. However, Later he gained confidence and self-discovered that he was gay. Sean has a degree in Human connection. He has completed his PhD degree. 

Career and professional achievements of Sean Edwards

Sean is currently working as a School principal in Provo-Orem, Utah. Before working as a school principal he was a vice principal at a school.

He has earned his PhD degree. He has published a variety of his work in different academic journals.

Personal life and hobbies of Sean Edwards

Sean comes from a Mormon community and has a conservative background. He is 35 years old and has been living his life as a gay with his husband Matt. Sean’s hobbies also include watching Survivor as he is a huge fan of the reality show Survivor. He likes to spend quality time with his husband Matt and eat the food made by him. Also, he loves a good game night with his cousins. 

Sean Edwards on Survivor USA 45

CBS’s popular reality competition show Survivor 45 is coming back to entertain the viewers. The show has a concept where contestants perform challenges to survive on the show in groups. The contestants are divided into three groups called tribes on the island of Fiji.

The one who passes all the challenges stays on the show and one who cannot pass the challenges gets into eliminations. CBS has introduced 17 new contestants who will be competing for the cash prize of $1 million on Survivor 45.

How did he Sean Edwards get on the show?

Sean has always been a fan of Survivor and while watching Winner of Wars season 40 Jeff Probst said that you just need to apply for Survivor to be on Survivor. At that, Sean thought about getting on the show Survivor.

What was his strategy?

Sean believes in making connections in personal and professional life as well so his strategy involves making connections on Survivor 45. He has been preparing himself physically and mentally too. 

What did he do?

Sean has prepared himself and trained himself to endure the challenges coming on Survivor 45. He is part of the Lulu tribe in Survivor which has lost the starting challenges however Sean has a satisfactory performance.

What were some of his most memorable moments?

The most memorable part of Sean’s life can be getting his doctorate and marrying his husband Matt. also getting cast in his favorite show Survivor 45.

Sean Edwards Net Worth

Sean Edwards is a principal in a school with an estimated net worth ranging between $100K – $1 million as of 2023.

How much money has he made?

The estimated amount of money Sean has made is unknown. As a school principal, it is assumed that he has been making a generous amount of money for his living. Also, he will be making some money as a contestant on Survivor 45.

What are his sources of income?

Sean Edwards is a school principal and that’s the only source of income he has for now. 

What is his lifestyle like?

Sean follows a simple lifestyle where he loves spending time with his husband Matt eating the food made by him. He works as a principal and tends to make connections wherever he goes. Spending time and game night with cousins is his favorite.

Expected survivor earnings

As a contestant, it is estimated that Sean has approximately $12,000- $100,000 earnings and if he wins Survivor 45 he will be getting $1 million as a reward.

What does the future hold for Sean Edwards?

Whatever happens in the future can’t be told however Sean will have the support of his husband Matt and if he wins Survivor 45 he will be winning the title and rewards of Survivor 45.  

Sean Edwards’s thoughts on Survivor and his experience on the show

Sean being a fan of Survivor thinks that the show has challenging plots so the contestants can get more competitive while playing. He thinks there’s no term for loyalty when it comes to the Survivor. 

Sean Edwards’s advice to aspiring Survivor contestants

Sean hasn’t mentioned anything about the aspiring contestants however the aspiring contestants can learn to be confident and be themselves from Sean.


Sean Edward is a connection seeker and comes from breaking the conservative norms of stereotype society. He has identified himself as gay and living his life happily with his husband Matt.

In his school district, he is the first gay school principal. After being a huge fan of reality show Survivor he finally had confidence to be on Survivor. He has prepared himself and is ready to claim the grand prize of Survivor 45.

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