AGT all-stars finalists 2023 – Those who Made it to America Got Talent All-Stars Finale So far

America got talent all-stars finalist – The New Year witnessed the debut of America’s most popular reality talent show America’s Got Talent.

Artists across the globe performed in this show, including singers, dancers, ventriloquists, comedians, realists, magicians, and others.

Each week, ten contestants performed, with two finalists chosen from among them. Six of the 12 finalists have advanced to the finals after receiving the golden buzzer from the judges.

The AGT All-Star judges, including Simon Cowell, told people It was beautiful from the outside, and that it was a treat to see people compete in America.

And everyone who competed with the people who won the show in another country did well. Keep an eye on the list of AGT All-Stars finalists in 2023 as we move further down the line.

Check back each week to see if your favourite act has advanced to the AGT All-Stars finals. Out of these 12 Teams, one will compete to become the future AGT All-Stars winner.

America got talent: Agt All Stars finalists 2023

1Aidan BryantAGT S16AerialistFinalists
2Aidan McCannBGT 2022MagicianFinalists
3Ana Maria MărgeanRGT WINNER 2021Ventriloquist Finalists
4Avery DixonAGT SN17MusicianFinalists
5Bello SistersAGT SN17Hand Balancing Finalists
6Detroit Youth ChoirAGT SN14ChoirFinalists
7Light Balance KidsAGT SN14DanceFinalists
8Mike E WinfieldAGT SN 17ComedianFinalists
9Power DuoPGT WINNER 2016AerialistsFinalists
10Tom Ball BGT 2022Singer Finalists
11Kodi LeeAGT: S14 – WinnerSingerFinalist

It will be really interesting to see who out of these 12 stars emerges as the winner.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about America’s Got Talent All-Stars 2023.

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